The Removal of Social Distancing and CEV Status Northern Ireland

The Removal of Social Distancing and CEV Status Northern Ireland

By removing social distancing we are now in a position we are relying on the kindness of strangers. We’re relying on people understanding that we need more space but the problem is how do you know somebody’s clinically extremely vulnerable? Most of us, a lot of us have hidden disabilities.

How are we meant to avoid people who aren’t double vaccinated?

How are we meant to mitigate our own risk? When we’re being told by our clinicians to continue shielding and there is absolutely no support from government, and there is absolutely no support in the guidelines to do so.

Removing social distancing is just another layer of protection we had that is gone and we’re hearing of people now losing their jobs and having to go back into hard shielding because winter’s coming and we can all see what winter we’ve got.

Listening to Robin Swann last week talk of the crisis within our healthcare system. We have CV people cancelling hospital appointments because they don’t feel safe and now social distancing is gone Where does that leave us?

We know our own risk. We’ve mitigated our own risks for years every winter but this winter we’re dealing with again Covid. We’ve been told by the government it’s a risk to our lives and the government then removes our Clinically Extremely Vulnerable and Clinically Vulnerable status.

What we need is action. What we need is a public awareness campaign from the Department of Health to educate the general public on what us Clinically Vulnerable need. There’s been no engagement and without this again our Clinically Vulnerable, Clinically Extremely Vulnerable feel like they are in even more danger this winter than they were last winter.

We need action.

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