Winter Plan B, where’s Plan A for our CEV CV?

Winter Plan B, where’s Plan A for our CEV CV?

Our CEV CV Vulnerable feel they are in more danger now in this pandemic than they ever have been!

We are now heading into 20 months of this pandemic, 3.8 million CEV CV were identified as Clinically (Extremely ) Vulnerable CEV CV to Covid19, we know this is a gross underestimate and our number grows daily through diagnosis and treatments started.  When we were put into shielding sound bites like “wrapping our arms around care homes” gave the the impression that all who are vulnerable to Covid 19 were of our aged population.  This created a false impression in the minds of the general public, this misconception is still echoing on today creating a battle our CEV CV has to fight daily for understanding, support  and empathy.

We suffered one failing after another after another.  The very fact that during the influenza pandemic simulation not one person thought of the people who are CEV CV, the people who already mitigate and manage their own risk every winter to Flu, we were not thought of or factored into the simulation. The people taking in the simulation are/were the people who plan and manage the flu vaccine mitigation used every winter to protect the very vulnerable people they had forgotten.  This was a failure that ment when Covid 19 hit it was a scramble to come up with the shielding programme.  To say it was flawed, utterly unfit for purpose is a kindness.  It was an absolute disaster, still to this day we have CEV CV fighting to have their risk acknowledged, being removed from the list by one department then added by another, receiving letters saying no then another telling them they must have a booster vaccine.  From the start this should have been clinician lead, something we are campaigning for.

We then had shielding removed, all general mitigations that kept everyone safe removed on “freedom day”, then our children’s status removed, then all status removed, leaving us to fight for our own lives with no support or understanding. The small freedoms that helped keep us safe were gone, our world became so much smaller and even more dangerous. Many have been told to continue shielding by their clinicians but without government support and protections, acknowledgement of our risk written into guidelines, it left us pitted against our schools, employers, family and the general public.  What is even more incredulous is that our Government is actually asking us to disregard direct life saving medical advice!  Would an MP or Minister publicly tell someone not to have chemo therapy that could save a cancer patient’s life? Of course they wouldn’t, but they can and have told us to go against this direct medical advice, advice that has protected us and our loved ones from this Novel Virus, such a serious risk to live that the Government sent to 3.8 million people into shielding at home for over a year and a half. We also know our own health, what a common cold can do to our health, to all of a sudden be expected to accept that Covid is no longer a risk to our lives and future healths? That we have to “learn to live with Covid”? When we have a very real chance we won’t survive and if we do how much of ourselves and function will we lose? The anger, anguish and desperation is palpable within our CEV CV community.

This is today’s stats for the UK: 

New cases 49,139

Lives lost 215

Children lost 96

46.3% are children infected

0-9 yrs 5125

10-14 yrs 10,033

15-19 yrs 4058

Admissions to hospital 869

But we CEV CV are safe to return to schools, employment and re-join society 

We are now heading into the most dangerous winter we have ever faced, we have CEV CV teachers writing their wills, we have CEV CV parents writing letters to their children just in case they don’t make it through this winter. We have people thinking of suicde to save their loved ones from the trauma of saying goodbye on an ipad.  All because this Government’s policy is to let Covid rip through our Country in the name of unachievable herd immunity 

I cannot make this any clearer. Our CEV CV are making peace with the fact they might not make it through this winter, we might not see another spring, the crisis within our CEV CV community is being totally ignored and cleverly hidden from the general public by the government and MSM.  After protecting our lives, our children’s lives for 19 months we are on our own, our CEV CV feel our lives are worthless to this Government. It’s clear herd immunity is the plan and that our CEV CV will be the collateral cost. The general public have forgotten we exist thanks to the abandonment of our governments duty of care to their most vulnerable citizens. History will not be kind when all is said and done.

Through years of austerity the number of vulnerable in this country has grown exponentially, Chris Whitty talks of exponential growth in Covid cases the knock on effects to our minorities grows with this, through loss of furlough or if your were CEV CV Statutory Sick Pay, through increased food poverty, through Long Covid, through children orphaned, through our CEV CV children unable to access safe education or for many no education at all, through our CEV CV being unable to access desperately needed treatments throughout the pandemic that improve their quality of life thus further disabling them, NHS waiting list growing, our NHS on it knees and our CEV CV unable to access safe care including home nursing care, cancelling appointments because they don’t feel safe to attend due to the high numbers of cases in our hospitals, double vaccinated not having to self isolate….  The knock on effects will be felt for decades to come. This pandemic has laid bare everywhere our government has failed its citizens for decades.

So now we hear there is a plan B winter plan but where is the plan to save and protect our citizens who are most vulnerable, whose lives are most at risk? Why is the baseline to enact Plan B 1200 daily hospital admission, at least 1 in 7 will develop Long Covid, develop organ damage which then makes them CEV CV? We are talking about previously healthy people becoming unnecessarily disabled! What is the unpalatable number of daily deaths, when did it become acceptable to normalise preventable deaths? You see it us CEV CV who are seen as the minority but who will make up over 60% of those deaths. We are actually the majority in this pandemic but treated as if we are expendable. My argument through this whole pandemic has been giving our CEV CV the tools and supports needed to protect themselves actually protects our NHS.  

Yes we have the vaccines but we have healthy double jabbed people dying from Covid.  Our CEV CV  also now has waning protection due to being the first to be vaccinated, at last look it seems we start to have waning protection just 10 weeks after our second jab in the general population? Where does that leave us CEV CV? We have millions of immunocompromised who we know are not generating a response and desperately need a 3rd booster and worse still an unknown number of CEV CV who cannot have the vaccine, there has never been a plan in place for them, most do not know that there is a patch test available and that they can request a referral to clinical immunologist.  We have the booster roll out which is being hailed as another disaster by many of the big charities, this is because it’s impossible to access, a logistical nightmare for medical professionals and yet another fight our CEV CV have to navigate…  From the 1st of September we have only managed to vaccinate 40% of our over 80’s, leaving 1.2 million still waiting. We are running out of time to have protecting antibodies in time for winter add in the disastrous 12+ vaccine roll out and it paints a very bleak picture.  

All of these failures add up to the perfect storm of unnecessary loss of life, totally preventable disability by Long Covid, our NHS collapsing, the crisis within our schools and the devastating financial fall out.  The government is choosing economy over health but this is the most flawed economic strategy you could imagine, if you do not have a healthy population you do not have a healthy economy. So again where is the protection of the very people most at risk, the very people who will fill out hospital beds and ICU’s.

We are in the fight for our very lives this winter, we need our communities to rally round and support their vulnerable, we need our clinicians to be given the assurances they need to fight alongside us, to project that CEV family from unsafe schools, to help them work with our employers to continue working from home. We need the MSM to step up and start helping us be seen.  This Government has no plan B for us and through this abandonment of duty of care our human rights are breached, we have no equality and our disabilities used to fuel this pandemic. The government’s dereliction of duty has created a new minority in this county, the forgotten CEV CV vulnerable.

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