Get your best going out clothes on! What about those who are vulnerable?

Get your best going out clothes on! What about those who are vulnerable?

The Northern Ireland Executive has given the green light for nightclubs to reopen with zero mitigations.

With cases rising all over the United Kingdom and indeed in Northern Ireland. The Northern Ireland Executive seems to have forgotten about vulnerable people.

We often hear ableist terms such as “If you don’t feel safe then stay at home” Such statements are what vulnerable people hear every single day. It’s as if vulnerable people are expected to be under a self imposed “House arrest” for their own physical and mental wellbeing.

People who are CV & CEV are forced by the ableism in our society to put themselves under a self imposed “House Arrest” with a “tag” around them. The tag being CEV/CV and being generally vulnerable.

People are who are vulnerable should not be forced into a position like this due to the blackmailing by the nightclub industry who has obviously swung influence with the Northern Ireland Executive to open up with absolutely zero mitigations just “guidance”

As the saying goes “The drink is in & the wits are out” of course not everyone is like this but every human being in this world is a social animal. We crave to be social, we crave to be in the company of friends and family, and we crave to have fun in our lives.

While people are wittingly or unwittingly exposing themselves to the coronavirus with the added danger of the new variant named “AY.4.2” which at the time of writing this is said to be 10 to 20% more transmissible than the dominant Delta variant.

Dr Tom Black, Northern Ireland Chair BMA1 said

The NHS is facing the biggest crisis in its history, We have Covid, winter pressures, the respiratory illnesses, the bronchiolitis in children… and we expect further pneumonias and flus coming, “

On the issue of nightclubs reopening on 31 October, Dr Black said it was “not sensible”. Speaking to BBC Radio Foyle’s News At One on Thursday, Dr Black said:

“You are sending a lot of young people who are unvaccinated into enclosed spaces with poor ventilation”. “Why would you do something stupid like that in the middle of the pandemic?”

Dr Black said the Covid pandemic had taken up about 12% of hospital beds and further exacerbated long-standing problems within the health service. “Too many hospital beds are, at present, occupied by unvaccinated Covid patients. “We cannot cope with that in the health service.” He said he “cannot understand” why about 18% of the population over the age of 12 remain unvaccinated.

A safe happy medium could have been achieved by adopting the correct mitigations which will ensure the safety of those working there, those “heading out for a night out” and our vulnerable people who could have had the chance to destress after a very difficult and mentally enduring 18 months. Was the executive black mailed or are they that oblivious? I’ll let you figure that out!

1 British Medical Association

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